The Anti-Violence Alliance has both students as well as staff involved in making campus a safer environment and a better place to be. To learn more about the peer mentors or faculty and staff select a button and scroll down .

Faculty & Staff

The Anti-Violence Alliance is also made up of Ferris State University Faculty and Staff Members. They are vital in keeping the organization funded and the involvement on campus.

Kaylee Burke

Kristin Conley

Sarah Doherty

Jocelyn Goheen

Kim Hancock

Justin Harden

Andrea Kitomary

Angie Palmer

Kylie Piette

Joy Pulsifer

Julie Rowan

Karen Royster-James

Ashley Schulte

Eric Simone

Andy Slater

Marie Yowtz

Kaitlyn Zies

Peer Educators

The students involved with the Anti-Violence Alliance have all gone through intense training and are considered peer educators.

Alonda Brandon

Leonardo Almanza

Rena Bernardi

Erin Davis

Jackie Franklin

Nathan Hall

Deanna Landis

Axel Laurain

Gerardo Marcial-Matias

Marisol Martinez

Sydney Mingori

Nicole Munger

Adam Petrowitz

Indra Phillips

Madison Phillips

Hilary Sanchez

Heidi Stauffer

Kristin Verrill

Abbey Wood